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United Wisconsin and Wisconsin Jobs Now Join Forces

In 2011, two organizations with the same Wisconsin values were separately established. United Wisconsin formed to lead the historic effect to recall Scott Walker and has since been an active vehicle for Wisconsin residents to demand a transparent and accountable government, access to the democratic process, and family-friendly policies. Wisconsin Jobs Now evolved out of a national movement to fight income inequality from the ground up, workplace-by-workplace and door-to-door, and has won real victories for the working class despite a harsh political landscape.

Our organizations have been friends, colleagues, and have inspired each other with our commitments to a better Wisconsin. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are becoming one: Wisconsin Jobs Now and United Wisconsin are merging.

Having worked together multiple times, we recognize that merging means great things for our members and for the future of Wisconsin. It means a stronger progressive presence from Kenosha to Superior. We’ll be one of the largest grassroots organization in the state, better equipped to fight for our values both digitally and on the ground.

To sum it up: two top statewide organizations dedicated to justice for all are now one united force.

In the short term, not much will change from an outside perspective. We’ll be integrating our work over the coming months, seeking input and guidance from our members and supporters at every step of the way, but our names and our day-to-day operations won’t be changing immediately. WJN and United Wisconsin are dedicated to a transparent process. We pledge to keep our members informed and will be seeking your input along the way. Answers to some questions about this merger can be found here.

We are beyond excited to get to work building a solid structure of progressive vision that reaches every corner of the state. Both United Wisconsin and WJN are strongly committed to grassroots organizing and the everyday people who are those roots. We are each deeply respectful of the work the other has contributed to the movement and are moving forward to intentionally build upon the strengths that each of us is bringing to this exciting union.

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