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About Us

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Wisconsin Jobs Now (WJN) is a non-profit organization committed to fighting income inequality from the bottom up and building stronger communities throughout Wisconsin.

WJN works toward five major goals:

  1. Winning higher wages for workers

  2. Improving on-the-job conditions

  3. Ensuring healthy and secure neighborhoods

  4. Encouraging grassroots leadership

  5. Elevating the political voice of underrepresented communities

Ongoing projects:

  • Organizing low wage workers in fast food and retail positions to improve pay, protect workers’ rights, and build statewide low-wage worker unions

  • Securing living wage standards for private sector jobs supported by public funds

  • Coordinating block captain networks throughout urban neighborhoods to galvanize community involvement in elections and issue campaigns

  • Training workers and activists to be leaders in their workplaces and communities

For media inquiries, please contact Clarene Mitchell, Director of Communications at

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