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WJN Political Endorsements, 2016

WJN-TODAYIt’s election day in Wisconsin and we’ve put together a slate of progressive change makers for Milwaukee on both the city and county level. These are folks who are dedicated to fighting for working class values:

Chris Larson for County Executive 

Johnny Thomas for City Comptroller

For Milwaukee Common Council: 

  • Chevy Johnson, District 2
  • Bob Bauman, District 4
  • Khalif Rainey, District
  • Justin Bielinski, District 8
  • Chantia Lewis, District 9
  • Tim Kenney, District 11
  • Jose Perez, District 12
  • Tony Zielinski, District 14

For Milwaukee County Board: 

  • Theo Lipscomb, District 1
  • Sequanna Taylor, District 2
  • Marina Dimitrijevic, District 4
  • Marciella Nicholson, District 5
  • Supreme Moore Omokunde, District 10
  • Jason Haas, District 14
  • Martha De La Rosa, District 18

Don’t get turned away at the polls. Be sure to bring your photo ID!

For more election information, click here. 

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