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What the April 5 election results mean for Milwaukee

Let’s get one thing straight: Chris Abele’s re-election should not be mistaken for a mandate for the MPS takeover plan, or for poverty wages, or the privatization of our transit system. Abele’s expensive ads falsely portrayed him as a progressive fighting for working families, and Chris Larson as a right-winger working with Walker. So what Milwaukee thought it was voting for yesterday was a break from the right wing-politics of Abele’s Republican friends in the suburbs, like Darling and Kooyenga.

The fact that Larson did so well against a multi-millionaire, establishment-backed incumbent shocked a lot of people. And we may not have won the County Executive race, but we made Abele pay. We’d like to thank WJN Block Captains and members who spent countless hours talking to their neighbors about voting. Their efforts forced Abele to spend millions of dollars of his own money on ads and mailers.

But there’s more good news. Of the 17 candidates WJN endorsed, 13 won! We took a chance on young progressive activists like Chantia Lewis, Khalif Rainey, Chevy Johnson, and Marcelia Nicholson, and it paid off bigtime. We now have a progressive bloc on the Common Council and a progressive majority on the County Board, who will be able to govern Milwaukee in a bold new direction. Our sincerest appreciation goes out to all of the progressive candidates who fought hard through this election, and congratulations to:

  • Chevy Johnson
  • Bob Bauman
  • Khalif Rainey
  • Chantia Lewis
  • Jose Perez
  • Tony Zielinski
  • Theo Lipscomb
  • Sequanna Taylor
  • Marina Dimitrijevic
  • Marcelia Nicholson
  • Supreme Moore Omokunde
  • Jason Haas

At the end of the day, working people have power far beyond the ballot box. When we organize our neighbors, friends, and coworkers to stand up and demand progressive change, union rights, a living wage, fully funded public schools, and public transit, we can force the rich and powerful to do the right thing.

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