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This May Day, march with the Fight for $15

414_37Join us May 1 as we march with Voces de la Frontera to celebrate international solidarity between working people and demand justice for immigrant families. Look for the “Fight for $15” banner and march alongside workers who are leading the fight for social, racial, and economic justice in Milwaukee!

On May 1, people all over the world will celebrate May Day as International Workers’ Day. The holiday was originally designated to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre, where workers in Chicago were killed while fighting for an 8-hour workday in 1886. Their fighting spirit lives on through working people who dare to challenge big corporations who insist they should live in poverty, through immigrant families whose work we depend on, and through Black & Brown youth who will not accept injustice!

The Fight for $15 is proud to carry the banner of those who fought for workers’ rights before us. The fight for an 8-hour workday brought working people together across industries and across borders. It was a struggle that highlighted the contradiction between workers and bosses in a way that was impossible to ignore and gave working people the hope and impetus to stand up and demand a better life.

This May Day, march with the Fight for $15 and show the bosses Milwaukee is, and will always be, a UNION TOWN!

Sunday, 2pm

At Voces de la Frontera, 1027 S 5th St, Milwaukee

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