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Why #WeRise

Across the country, an alarming number of statehouses are moving a regressive, deplorable, anti-people, and anti-planet agenda. Corporate actors and their allies are empowered and on the move: legislatures on the state and local level are readying attacks on voting rights, worker rights and collective bargaining, immigrant families, and our clean air and water.

In Wisconsin, we’ve seen some of the worst of what corporate power has to offer. From massive budget cuts to education at all levels, to attacks on workers’ rights and families in need, to a malignant prison system that swallows the lives of young black men at a rate higher than anywhere in America. Wisconsin is in trouble.

we rise unitedSo on March 11, 2015, the forces of labor, youth, and black lives matter activists joined together in Madison and said #WeRise:

  • We Rise to stop mass incarceration and police violence.
  • We Rise for a living wage and protections for workers.
  • We Rise for public education.
  • We Rise to demand an end to the violence that the state and its institutions have been perpetrating against our communities.
  • We Rise to demand dignity and respect for working people and their families.

Our cities belong to us. We have the solutions to make government work for every family with a people-first agenda. But only by speaking up and not backing down will we enact the change we need. Rise with us today.

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