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Right to Work: not what it seems

In response to the announcement that the state legislature will be holding an extrordinary session next week to push through a “Right to Work” law, WJN has released this statement:

“Right to Work” is controversial, confusing, and wrong. The groups pushing this law are the same corporations and fat cat Washington special interests that pay poverty wages and ship jobs overseas. They’ve taken over our statehouse and think they can come into our state and tell us what to do. Right to Work is yet another attempt to stack the deck even more in their favor at the expense of the average Wisconsinite.

These corporate interests, and the politicians they’ve bought, know they could make more money if there are less protections in the workplace. They try to intentionally confuse the public by saying that this law means more freedom, but when we ask everyday people about what workplace freedom is, they talk about being able to negotiate pay fairly and take a sick day when they need it. They want to be able to take a grievance to the boss without fear, and have a set schedule so they know when they’re free to do things like go to the dentist or their child’s school play. Those are the types of workplace freedoms we should all have, but Right to Work eliminates the ability for people to stick together and have leverage to negotiate those bread and butter issues.

If we want to regain control of our economy and our state, we must do what corporate special interests have been doing: exercise our political power. It is up to us to use our own power to shape an economy that allows the rest of us to succeed alongside the very wealthy, instead of making less and less while they make more and more.

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