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WI Repubs finally acknowledge a pay raise is needed…

….for themselves, that is.

Wisconsin Republicans started their new legislative session off by tackling one of the most pressing concerns for the state: their own pocketbooks.

Yes, unbelievable as it is, it is true. One of the first acts of the 2015 Wisconsin Assembly was to According to WI GOP, the WI GOP needs a raise- but minimum wage is fine where it is.increase their own daily food and lodging expenditures by 56%. The same legislators who refused to consider raising minimum wage even one penny for working class families voted to give themselves a 56% raise in per diem payments. Meanwhile, boosting wages for the rest of Wisconsin’s working families is not on the state’s agenda.

It is outrageous that Wisconsin Republicans say that minimum wage earners are doing just fine and that they are actually the ones that need more money. Help us gear up to fight back against these ridiculously greedy politicians.

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