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The takeover of public schools & and how to fight it

Yet again, Wisconsin Republicans are determined to get their sticky fingers on Milwaukee Public Schools. Legislators have introduced a bill that would turn our taxpayer-accountable public schools into for-profit voucher schools. The bill would also create a new unaccountable bureaucracy that would supersede local school boards.

Want to speak against it? Go to the public hearing.

The cold truth is that charter schools don’t have the same accountability or oversight as public schools. They are profit-driven ventures that siphon tax money into private coffers- and don’t provide a better education for our kids.

We have a better idea: Community Schools.

The community schools model benefits more than public school students. The public school becomes a hub for the neighborhood it serves, offering educational, social, cultural, health, civic and recreational opportunities for the entire community. Community schools have been shown to improve morale for students and teachers and deliver higher graduation and lower dropout rates, higher student attendance, improved parent engagement, and lower rates of crime and violence in neighborhoods.

Overcoming poverty and environmental factors is key to improving children’s performance in school. Community schools would focus on improving children’s overall wellbeing and the conditions in which they learn in order facilitate greater achievement. In a city as impacted by income inequality and segregation as Milwaukee is, holistic solutions are needed.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Sign the petition to stop the takeover of MPS.

2) Speak at the bill’s public hearing.

3) Come to the strategy session on how to save public schools and build community schools.

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