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4 ways to show your support for fast food workers

we're worth more!

On December 4, fast food workers in Milwaukee and Madison are going on strike once again. Their movement is growing exponentially, and they are committed to making this one bigger, badder, and bolder.

To make that happen, the#Fightfor15 needs you. Here are three things you can do to support it:

  1. Show your support in person. Join the rallies for striking fast food workers in Milwaukee and Madison.
  2. Show your support financially. Your donation helps pay for things that are needed on the strikeline, like handwarmers, posterboard, markers, and snacks. These things may seem trivial, but they are vital to the empowerment of the workers and the success of the movement.
  3. When you go to a fast food restaurant, let the workers behind the counter or drive-thru know that you know they’re worth more, and you support their fight for $15. Those encouraging words means so much to the workers. The power of your statement may surprise you, but it will definitely make you feel good.
  4. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share this image with your social network. When you share, you help grow the visibility of the movement.

However you choose to support workers, thank you!

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