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Top of Wisconsin’s agenda: minimum wage

On November 5, we woke up to raising wages at the top of Wisconsin’s agenda. Hundreds of thousands of voters made it clear that raising minimum wage is a top priority for our state.

We may not agree about who should be our governor, but we do agree that it’s time for Wisconsinites to get a raise. This election should serve as a huge wake-up call for Gov. Walker. The same people who re-elected him – and many of those who didn’t vote for him — also voted to raise minimum wage. While he’s ignored the voices of low-wage workers in the past, the results of the election speak so loudly even he can’t turn a deaf ear any longer.

In addition to heeding the mandate from the people, Gov. Walker must follow the law. When more than 100 workers filed complaints that they are not paid a living wage, Gov. Walker did not investigate their complaints as required by Wisconsin law. Undeterred, the workers filed suit against him. Gov. Walker should follow the example set by hardworking, law-abiding people who play by the rules. He should not have to be forced into following state laws through our courts.

Today’s “politics as usual” is actually far from usual for Wisconsin. No matter which party you favor, no one can argue that our state’s history is not one of hyper-partisanship but of fair-minded Democrats and Republicans coming together for what’s best for all Wisconsinites. If you want to move forward with an organization that’s not aligned with any party and is focused on the issues important to our families and our communities, join Wisconsin Jobs Now.

On Saturday, November 15, leaders, activists, and workers are coming together to set plans to hold our elected officials accountable, win livable wages, and build power. Together, we’ll set a strategy to keep this movement going far beyond elections. Go to to register and for more information.

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