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AB 750 Threatens All State Living Wage Laws

County Executive Abele and Republicans’ anti-democratic preemption bill straight out of the ALEC playbook

After being introduced Monday night, getting a bill number assigned Tuesday morning, and with a hearing set for tomorrow, AB 750 is an underhanded attack the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Act 10 – the difference being that Democratic Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is it’s main backer.

AB 750, ripped straight out of the ALEC model-legislation playbook, will decimate what remains of Wisconsin’s local control. The bill was introduced by Representative Kapenga and cosponsored by Senator Grothman but lacks the number of co-sponsors warranted by anything other than a sneak-attack. The anti-living wage initiative makes it impossible for local municipalities to enact living wage ordinances in a manner similar to the one used by Scott Walker to nullify Milwaukee’s paid sick day law. This would invalidate the City of Madison’s successful living wage law as well as the living wage law in Milwaukee County that just passed with a veto-proof majority.

County Executive Chris Abele lobbied 38 hours for this measure in December. That a Democratic official would work to reduce his own municipality’s power and his own citizens’ pay is preposterous, but that he would join with tea-party Republicans and ALEC in an unholy alliance is shocking. Clearly, Chris Abele is more beholden to his corporate friends and benefactors than the working families he claims to support.

Shame on Executive Abele for working to steal opportunity from hard working Milwaukee County residents fighting to make ends meet. He would rather underhandedly work against the wishes of working families at the state level, while bringing Madison down in the process, than work with his constituents to create a stronger community.

Tell your legislator: Say NO to AB 750, and stand up for local control!

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