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Rite-Hite Owner Michael White Has History of Violating Election Law

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UPDATE: Faith and community leaders announced the filing of a formal complaint against Rite-Hite CEO Michael White for violating Wisconsin election law.

“It’s obvious — you can’t put a gun to someone’s head and say ‘you better vote for this person.’ The same could be done through a letter. It’s just a less threatening way of coercing and threatening and intimidating a certain vote,” employment lawyer Randy Enochs said.

The week of Oct 21, Rite-Hite, a local Milwaukee manufacturer, sent a memo to all its U.S. employees. The letter was sent by chairman and owner Michael White, and urged employees to “understand the personal consequences . . . if President Obama is re-elected.”

The letter goes on to threaten the security of employees’ retirement accounts and healthcare plans by saying that if the President is re-elected, “Every opportunity to make up for lost profits to taxes will have to be evaluated.”

This is a clear violation of Wisconsin election law that makes it clear no employer can threaten workers’ wages, jobs, or conditions of employment in an effort to persuade them to vote a particular way.

But there’s more . . . Michael White has a history of violating election law. In 2011, a complaint was filed with the Government Accountability Board accusing him of giving more than the maximum amount to Governor Walker’s election campaign in 2010.

From the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign:

Topping the list of those who exceeded the election cycle contribution limit to Walker was Michael H. White of River Hills who gave contributions totaling $15,000

Not only that, but Rite-Hite has also received a $26,471 grant in stimulus funding from the Obama administration.

Democracy only functions if workers are free to vote however they choose without fear of reprisal from their boss.

Take Action: Email Rite-Hite NOW!
Demand Michael White immediately retract his email, apologize to employees, and post that apology publicly at the workplace.

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