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The Romney/Ryan Economy Presents: The Bain Bus Tour – Coming to Wisconsin!

Workers at Sensata in Freeport, Illinois, have a problem. They’ve been diligently manufacturing complex sensors profitably for decades, but their company was recently sold to Bain Capital. Bain Capital is the private equity firm founded by Mitt Romney that embodies the soul of Romney Economics and ruthless vulture capitalism. Naturally, the workers were informed that their factory is shutting down and their jobs are going to be sent to China. Right now, workers are even busy training their Chinese replacements.

Romney saying, "I like being able to fire people" - Jan 9, 2012In response to this affront, workers have started an encampment outside the Sensata plant to call on Mitt Romney and his old firm Bain Cap. to save their jobs. Having heard nothing from these kings of outsourcing, the workers are hitting the road to spread the word about what the Romney economy will mean for America.

One of their big stops will be in Janesville, WI, September 23. Home of Lyin’ Paul Ryan, Romney’s Vice Presidential Candidate, Janesville was once home to a thriving General Motors manufacturing plant. Unfortunately, the plant was shuttered in late 2008 and as a result unemployment in Janesville has consistently hovered well above the national average.

A second stop, September 25, is in Milwaukee. They’ll be meeting in Century City, home of the once-thriving manufacturing center of the city that’s long been abandonded – along with the good jobs that went with it.

Although Romney/Ryan blame President Obama for the loss of jobs, anyone who’s dealt with their version of economics knows that if they get elected it means we can all expect to have once good-paying jobs evaporate, what’s left of our safety net slashed, and anything that’s left over to be funneled to the richest 1% of America in the form of tax breaks.

In this campaign of non-stop advertising and misinformation, one thing is painfully true. Sensata workers are losing their jobs the way Romney has relentlessly destroyed thousands of jobs before. Join the workers in and stand against the excesses of greed and cruelly that is the Romney/Ryan way of doing business.

If you believe in a fair economy, where we all have a chance to prosper, then you need to let America know the truth!

Say NO! to a Romney/Ryan Economy

In Milwaukee you can join the Bain workers when they spread their message to local neighborhoods as they join an ongoing canvass effort to re-elect President Obama.

3 pm
Sunday, September 23
630 West Delavan Drive
11 AM
Tuesday, September 25
Century City, 3533 North 27th Street


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