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6 Truths Ryan Won’t Tell You About His District

Janesville Unemployment Over Time


  1. 1) Ryan’s district contains the cities Racine, Mount Pleasant, Janesville, and Kenosha which, out of 32 metro areas, have the 1st, 4th, 6th, and 8th highest unemployment rates in Wisconsin.

  2. 2) The Janesville and Eau Claire areas had the state’s largest one-month increase in the unemployment rate among metro areas in June.

    Rock County Income vs US and Wisconsin: It's lower

  4. 3) Over a quarter of the people that live in Rock County (which contains Ryan’s hometown Janesville) work outside the county – with 7.3% forced to work outside the state.

  6. 4) Personal income growth in Rock County was barely 30% over 10 years, lower than both the state (43.3%) and the nation (53.9%).

    Kenosha Unemployment Over Time

  8. 5) Rock County’s Per-Capita-Personal-Income ranks 24th lowest in Wisconsin, and, of that income, government assistance (Social Security, unemployment, welfare, etc…) accounts for almost a quarter (23.1%) of the total. This is significantly higher than the national (17.5%) and Wisconsin (18.4%) averages. This means that if Ryan has his way and slashes the federal safety net he’s significantly cutting the income of the people in Janesville (including retirees, students, welfare recipients, and Medicare and Medicaid recipients) making it harder for his constituents to make ends meet.

    Racine Unemployment Over Time

  10. 6) Almost a fifth (18.9%) of people in Racine county live below the poverty line which is almost double the statewide average (11.6%).

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