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Wisconsin’s 99% March on GE in Detroit

April 25 – Over 200 Wisconsinites joined other members of the 99% from Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Ohio, and (naturally) Michigan to let GE know that their continued tax dodging would not stand. Protesters were met by police as they marched chanting, “Hey There, GE, Pay Your Fair Share!” and joined together to take over Jefferson Avenue in front of the Renaissance Center, headquarters of General Motors, which housed the GE shareholder meeting. Meanwhile, inside the meeting, 99% shareholders directly confronted the GE CEO and according to Reuters:

The demonstrators, who began chanting “Pay Your Fair Share” when the meeting began, were quickly ushered out of the meeting but could still be heard chanting protests as the meeting got underway.

The shareholding group then joined the hundreds of protesters outside in the street to create a monumental show of force. Stopping over 8 lanes of traffic as they marched, protesters and police were respectful of one another and the march ended peacefully, loudly, and with a clear message for the 1%: We’ll be back.

Audio of the confrontation inside the meeting:

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