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(VIDEO) The 99% reFund Wisconsin Tax Day Marches

April 17 – Tax Day in America – Upset by the greedy 1% paying nearly their lowest tax rates in 50 years while the rest of us get saddled with the burden, Wisconsin’s 99% took to the streets en masse in Milwaukee, Wausau, Racine, and Green Bay. The day before, the Senate (stymied by the efforts of the GOP) voted down the Buffett Rule. This bill would have mandated that millionaires be forced to pay their fair share in taxes and would have allowed our country to reFund essential infrastructure projects.

Senators like Ron Johnson and organizations like the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce fight tooth and nail to ensure that the wealthiest members of our country enjoy all the benefits society brings to commerce. It would be very difficult for businessmen like Rep. Reid Ribble to operate a roofing company without things like roads and schools. But why then, when you ask a millionaire like Ron Johnson to pay back into the system at a fair rate, do we only hear the argument that we can’t tax millionaires because then they’ll have to cut jobs?

The same logical structure is used by Governor Walker when he bemoans the fact that our state is broke and that he’s FORCED to cut essential public services with one hand while he signs huge tax giveaways to big business and the wealthy with the other. The fact of the matter is that the wealthy 1% believe they can pull the wool over our eyes.

“Times are tough and we all need to sacrifice.”

We’ve heard this line a thousand times before. But why is it that we’re the only ones doing the sacrificing? Does Gov. Walker lie awake at night worrying about student loan debt, decreased wages, and the fact that he doesn’t have access to healthcare anymore? If a millionaire’s personal income is taxed at a fairer rate are they going to lose the ability to feed their families? Are the richest Americans so rife with avarice that when forced to chose between getting richer at a slower rate and forcing families into poverty they’ll always choose the former?

There comes a time when reasonable people look around and realize that enough is enough. This was the case on April 17. Citizens took to the streets to demand that we return to an America where “freedom” means more than freedom from government intrusion, it means freedom from death by preventable disease, freedom from crushing debt, and freedom from poverty. We decided that as long as America operates as a country by the rich and for the rich we don’t stand a chance unless we fight back. We don’t stand a chance unless we’re organized against their multi-billion dollar economic and communication machines. We don’t stand a chance without each other.

If you believe we can win and make the this country a more equitable place, then prove it. Get involved today. Text REFUND to 64336 and join the fight to reclaim and reFund Wisconsin. Otherwise, we don’t stand a chance.

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