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The People Fight for BadgerCare at the State Capitol

March 14 – A group of BadgerCare recipients, concerned citizens, and people that have been denied access to BadgerCare converged on the Capitol today to lobby the members of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance to stop Governor “1%” Walker’s proposed cuts to BadgerCare. The group consisted of members from all across the state and was able to meet with both co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) as well as other committee members.

Scott “1%” Walker has proposed cutting over half a billion dollars from BadgerCare. These cuts will force tens of thousands of recipients – almost half of which are children – off of the program and into the ranks of the uninsured. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The recently proposed BadgerCare Protection Act reFUNDS BadgerCare by rolling back one of Walker’s tax breaks for the wealthiest 1%. Passing this act would ensure that no one is forcefully removed from the program. However, the Republican majority has refused to allow the BadgerCare Protection Act to have a hearing or a vote. In response, people fighting for BadgerCare went to the Joint Finance Committee to ask them to vote against allowing Walker’s cuts to take effect.

Citizens met with Rep. Robin Vos and Sen. Alberta Darling, the current co-chairs of the JFC, and asked whether they would vote against Walker’s proposed cuts and whether they would support the BadgerCare Protection Act. The choice is simple. They can vote to save BadgerCare and help the 99% of Wisconsinites that aren’t wealthy, or they can vote to cut BadgerCare and side with the wealthiest 1% that benefits from Walker’s tax breaks at our expense. Both Vos and Darling made it clear that they play for team 1%. Not only did they not support the BadgerCare Protection Act, but, in a party line vote, they endorsed “1%” Walkers multi-million dollar cuts that will force over 10,000 Wisconsinites into the ranks of the uninsured.

There may still be a chance to save BadgerCare if a vote on the BadgerCare Protection Act is forced on March 15. Call your representative today and demand that they support the BadgerCare Protection Act and side with the 99% of us that don’t benefit from Walker’s corporate giveaways.

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