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Beloit’s Gala for the 1%

Beloit, Feb 11 – The Rock County GOP held a big Gala for themselves and their 1% supporters to celebrate their good work stealing from the 99% of the rest of us. Noted slasher of Medicare, Rep. Paul Ryan, was in attendance and event participants were greeted by a lively group of concerned citizens.

Sign saying Paul Ryan + 1 Percent = Love

Before kickoff the parking lot had more demonstrators than 1% supporters. The organizers naively attempted to erect a “free speech zone” in the fashion of ex-President Bush, however, by the end of the night the designated protest area was left underutilized.

Sign saying Protest Area with Caution tape in front

Protestor(sic) Area - How Thoughtful

Once underway, a banner reading “Gala for the 1%” dropped so that attendees could be sure they drove to the correct venue. A dedicated group of protesters then “rolled out the red carpet” for their benevolent 1% masters allowing them to literally walk all over them as they often do in finance and politics. Unfortunately, the attendees did not elect to walk on top of their fellow Wisconsinites, choosing instead to be ushered in by event staff. Their quick race to the shelter of the gala left the 1%-ers little time to to belittle our cameraman on the scene, but – rest assured – they did their very best.

The Red Carpet for the 1 percent with ppl underneath it

On the inside, a few zealous activists managed to present a gift to Paul Ryan and the Gala. It was a golden toilet, which not only represents how the 1% dump all over the 99% – but also the way in which they insist on flushing essential programs like BadgerCare and public education down the toilet. It was well received.

Banner reading gala for the 1 percent

Eventually police arrived and tried to move the protest to the “free speech zone,” causing everyone to disperse. Watch the video to get a feel for the energy of the day, sign up for alerts on the top right of this page to stay more informed and, if you haven’t done it yet, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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