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October 10: Citizens Rally In Support of the American Jobs Act

October 10 marked the day before the vote for the American Jobs Act. In response, concerned citizens from around Wisconsin came together in a number of locations to make their support clear. The American Jobs Act would be vital in insuring that thousands of unemployed families have the chance to get back to work.

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In addition, the American Jobs Act will:

  • Prevent up to 280,000 teacher layoffs while keeping cops and firefighters on the job
  • Modernize at least 35,000 public schools across the country
  • Modernize our roads, rail, airports and waterways while putting hundreds of thousands of workers back on the job
  • Prevent 5 million jobless Americans from losing their unemployment benefits
  • Provide a $1,500 tax cut to the typical American family, without negatively impacting Social Security.

Concerned constituents gathered in Racine to attend the Racine County Economic Development Forum and to ensure that their elected officials heard their pleas for sensible economic policy. On hand was Rep. Paul Ryan, who has voted before for economic stimulus, but seemed wary this time to support measures that actively invest in job creation.

In addition, groups of community members gathered in Milwaukee, Appleton, and La Crosse at bridges to show their support for the President’s bill and to bring attention to the need for infrastructure investment as a means for putting Americans back to work.

The clips of coverage from the events are highlighted in the embedded video.

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