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Ryan’s Stimulus Flip-Flop

Congressman puts politics before families with backtrack on “spend to grow”

Paul Ryan is a supporter of President Obama’s American Jobs Act. Well, he would be if politics weren’t in the way.

Rally attendees ask Paul Ryan where the jobs areIn 2002, Ryan argued in favor of stimulus by pointing out that “You have to spend a little to grow a little . . what we’re trying to do is stimulate the part of the economy that’s on its back.”

Ryan argued then that stimulus was a spur to investment in the corporate sector, and would lead to increased manufacturing and economic growth.

“Get people back to work and then we can have the kind of resources we need to fix the problems we have,” Ryan said. Which sounds eerily similar to what President Obama said September 22, when he called on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act and “put people back to work rebuilding America.”

Congressman Ryan is playing politics with jobs and the economic health and well being of struggling families. Ryan cares more about who works in the White House than who is working in Kenosha, Racine and Janesville.

Thankfully, we have a chance to remind Mr. Ryan of the principles he once believed in.

Paul Ryan is holding an economic forum in Racine on October 10. His unemployed constituents are calling on him to stand by his 2002 position and reiterate that in order to grow our economy we must invest in job creation. The President is offering exactly what Paul Ryan said he believes.

Tell Paul Ryan we don’t have the luxury to play politics with unemployment.

Click here to urge your Congressman to support the American Jobs Act.

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