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Constituents, Working to Find Alberta Darling, are Disappointed

A number of constituents have been working to schedule a meeting with state Sen. Alberta Darling in Wisconsin’s eighth senate district. They’re working to address the lack of good jobs in their neighborhoods, the cuts and the lack of public transportation, and the cuts to the public education system. After sending a letter over a week ago, they heard nothing back from Sen. Darling or her staff. Due to the lack of response, this week they went down to her district office in Menomonee Falls to see if they could find the Senator in person. The video below details their trip.

As the above video shows – Sen. Darling isn’t available and apparently hasn’t been seen anywhere around the office for some time. How are the constituents supposed to address the problems in their community if the Senator will not take the time to hear them out? See below for a copy of the letter the constituents sent to the Sen. Darling:

PDF:Letter the Senator Darling

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